Throwback Thursday -Kansas City Pet Photography-

9 Jan

The new year always has me reminiscing about the past. Here is a photograph of one of our first clients:  Huey the Lovable Giant. I love him =)


-Amy, owner of Fido Fetch Photography

2014 -Kansas City Pet Photography-

1 Jan

Oh hey 2014, you kind of snuck up on me. Well, more like the rest of 2013 flew by way too quickly and my blog postings suffered because of it. Hey, that’s life.

Just wanted to share a first image for 2014. Even though I mainly photograph and blog about dogs… this is a cat image. A seriously hilarious cat image.


I look forward to blogging/not blogging, but ultimately sharing my adventures with you in some form. One more thing…I my have fallen off the radar as far as writing on this blog, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading yours! I like reading about hamster adventures, a googly eyed dog testing the patience of his stoic dog sibling, the challenges and joys of fostering furries, cats being in places they shouldn’t be, starting up a new super cool business, etc…you know who you are =)

Happy New Year, Amy owner of Fido Fetch Photography

Ask Amy – Kansas City Pet Photography-

8 Oct

I’ve gotten a lot of questions over the years about my business of pet photography. I like to answer each one in a timely manner, but life has been quite busy lately (business, husband, dogs, baby, etc). Some emails and Facebook messages have taken a back seat.

So I’m taking a cue from some fellow bloggers and committing to a blog post answering questions you have. It can be about Fido Fetch Photography, camera gear, my dogs, my dogs & their two legged sibling, or anything!

Just email me your question info(at)fidofetchphotography(dot)com, write on my Facebook wall, or leave a comment on this blog.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

-Amy owner of Fido Fetch Photography

Chloe Warms Up to Baby -Kansas City Pet Photography-

3 Oct

I have a very large smile on my face as I write the blog this morning. It seems our dog Chloe has FINALLY taken a liking to her new non-furry baby sibling these last weeks. Such a difference from the beginning. Hallelujah!

*insert happy-dance break*

I had baby laying down next to me for a snuggle session. As usual, Chloe sat a few feet away just watching us. So I called her over. Usually she’ll come right up to my side. To my surprise, she chose to sit close to her baby sister instead.


I praised her with a warm voice and ear scratch. But after just a few minutes, I could tell she was starting to get nervous at the wiggly little body next to her. I immediately called her to my other side to put some space between them.

This arrangement put me in Heaven:


I am completely okay with the long adjustment period it has taken Chloe and realize the road we have ahead of us. Safety for both her and baby are our number one priority when they are together.

Oh, and let’s not forget Dante. He is just super excited baby has started to eat more than a bottle. Can you tell?


-Amy owner of Fido Fetch Photography

Dante’s Swollen Face -Kansas City Pet Photography-

29 Sep


If you follow me on this blog (or Facebook), then you know all about my dog, Dante. I had a bit of a scare the other morning when my husband noticed his adorable face was swollen on one side. Of course, I went into panic-mom-mode and had a little freak out.

What happened?! Was he bitten?! Is it a tooth?! Did he fall?!

Did aliens finally return to take him home and he fought them off to stay by my side, and so they injected him with an alien serum, but it turns out to be a good serum giving Dante the ability to talk like a human and the knowledge of photography to help me on my photo sessions?!?! 

I could tell he was a little sluggish, so that worried me too. I called the vet and got him in right away. When we arrived and he saw other dogs, his mood perked up quite a bit. In fact, he got into his usual naughty mood and let the whole vet office know he had arrived for his party by barking. After several diagnoses by several people, it was decided to treat it as a bug bite. This was, however, after a scare that it could possibly be a tooth fracture infection.


His swollen face made him look like a Sharpei

Luckily he did not have to stay at the vets office for an IV as was originally discussed. He was given a steroid shot to reduce the swelling and we were able to go back home. There is still a possibility his tooth could be the problem, so we go back to the vet today again. Cross your fingers it was only a bug bite and no dental work will have to be done.


What was your reason for the last trip to the vet’s office?

-Amy owner of Fido Fetch Photography


UPDATE: Dante’s check-up went fantastic. Vet was very positive with the way his face healed. Thank you for all the concerns on Facebook. Muah! -Amy

Flashback Friday -Kansas City Pet Photography-

27 Sep

I’ve been doing a lot thinking about what my future holds. Photography-wise, family-wise, life-wise. Of course, when thinking about what the future holds, I can’t help but to think about my past. I started going through some childhood photo albums. I wanted to share this photograph of my first dog, Buddy. I call him mine, because even though he belonged to the whole family, I was the crazy dog girl (just like I’m the crazy dog lady today).

Miss you Buddy.


My first dog

-Amy owner of Fido Fetch Photography

Wordless Growing up Wednesday -Kansas City Pet Photography-

18 Sep


-Amy owner of Fido Fetch Photography


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